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Ocean Group Sake

Miyakanbai Extra Class Daiginjo "Ginzui"

Miyakanbai Extra Class Daiginjo "Ginzui"

Ginzui is our highest quality Sake and uses our own Miyamanishiki-rice that has been polished until only 19 percent of each rice grain remains. It’s clean, smooth, superbly fruity, and extremely pure with
refreshing aftertaste. Take a sip of “Ginzui”, you can feel the passion of us brewing sake!

Net Cont: 720Ml

Alc Cont : 16% By Volume

Polishing Ratio : 19%

Sake Meter Value : -8.2

Acidity : 1.38

Amino Acidity : 0.67

Glucose : 2.81


Highly pure savory and has a slashing clear taste that goes down your throat.


Gorgeous and delicate

【Food Pairings】

Vegetables, Anchovy, Beef, Caponata

Keep at 23F - 41F

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