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Ocean Group Sake

Wakaumi Junmai Daiginjo

Wakaumi Junmai Daiginjo

The aroma derived from the yeast is not heightened just because it is a “daiginjo,” with the focus of the flavor profile instead being on the flavor derived from the rice.
The pleasant aroma of bananas and melons is immediately followed by a pineapple-like freshness.
The finish is gently sweet with a refreshing acidity that leaves a gentle aftertaste.
It is a versatile food sake that can be paired with any meal, Japanese, Western, or Chinese.
Cool it lightly in a refrigerator and enjoy it in a wine glass.

Net Cont : 720Ml

Alc Cont : 15% By Volume

Polishing Ratio : 40%

Sake Meter Value : +5

Acidity : 1.6

Amino Acidity : 1.1


Fresh, Slightly light, Slightly Sharp


Banana, Melon

【Food Pairings】

Seafood in general, Clam chowder, Cream-based dish

Keep at 23F - 41F

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