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Ocean Group Sake

Wakaumi Sake with Ume (Liqueur)

Wakaumi Sake with Ume (Liqueur)

The carefully hand-picked ume used in this umeshu are of the “Shirakaga” variety grown at Sato Farm in Iwadeyama, Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture.
Made to have only a moderate sweetness, the crisp acidity, and aroma stand out, allowing the true flavor of the ume to be fully appreciated.
Because it contains a very high percentage of plums, it can be enjoyed on the rocks or with soda without having its flavor compromised.

Net Cont : 720Ml

Alc Cont : 12% By Volume

Composition Ratio : Sake 55%, Ume 30%, Rock sugar 15%

It is less sweetened, and its sourness and aroma stand out.

【How to drink】

 On the rocks, with soda

【Food Parings】

Cheese-based dishes, Rich taste cuisines such as pizza, chocolate sweets

Keep at 23F - 41F

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