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Ocean Group Sake

Wakaumi Tokubetu Junmai

Wakaumi Tokubetu Junmai

The concept is “the ultimate food sake.”
The aroma is reminiscent of melon and banana, and the finish is crisp with a refreshing citrus-like acidity.
The use of flat polished rice gives it an excellent crispness on the back end.
The stand-alone balance is most assured with this product.
It is also tolerant of temperature changes, and when heated can be enjoyed at temperatures above 70 degrees Celsius without any change in flavor.
This is a dual-use bottle of sake for both cold and heated sake.

Net Cont : 720Ml

Alc Cont : 15% By Volume

Polishing Ratio : 60%

Sake Meter Value : +3

Acidity : 1.6

Amino Acidity : 1.2


Gentle sweetness, Slightly light, Crisp


Melon, Banana

【Food Pairings】

Meat dishes, Grilled chicken, Beef Steak

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